Our responsibility

New is not always good.Diversity and constant renewal is a main task here in our company ,it is our responsibility to constantly change our way of approaching customers and to invent new ways to interact with different cultures , while it is true that new is not always good but we here maintain utmost care to only provide the good side of the new by continuous tests and evaluation.

We aim to improve 3 main areas:

Natural ingredients

We always search for the possibility to replace any chemicals with natural replacements in order to allow our customer to access mostly natural products of top quality and taste.


We always offer all information about our products with warning about all adverse effects of any chemicals and we always search for all positive natural alternatives for any substance used .


In FFT,we focus on long term benefits more than short term imaginary profits thus we maintain a fairly eco-friendly production methods that we always upgrade to prevent any harms to the enviroment and community.

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