Chips and meat industries rely heavily on the flavour part thus in FFT we offer high grade flavours

Fried potatoes and chips have been a major part in the modern world diet especially as snacks along with cheese which is used in many of todays restaurants and found all over the market.Furthermore,meat industry and canned food have developed in the past few years to satisfy all tastes.

High diversity and revolutionary

We offer all types of mixed flavours needed in fried chips and even in todays meat industry ranging from the typical beef flavour to those like pizza and sausages flavours.Also, we revolutionized our cheese flavours to be more spicific than the generic cheese flavours.

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Meat industry

All type of beef flavours can be found in our stocks.Our flavours enhance the taste of processed meat to increase its acceptance in the market and we Also have flavours that can be used in processed chicked.We also offer completely natural SPICES that contain no flavours.

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Due to the fact that most companies are scattered all over egypt we offer delivery of our products to most of egypt from UpperEgypt to coastal regions.

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Category Flavours
potato chips, corn, tortilla Cheese (with its specific types), Salt & Vinegar, Sour Cream, chicken, Shawerma, Pizza, Basil, Onion, Shrimp,Tomato, Ketchup, lemon & Chili, Kebab, etc
Sauces & Dressings Ketchup , Barbecue , Ranche, Mustard, Mayonnaise ,etc
Meat(chicken or beef)
Beef ,Chicken ,Grill ,smoke ,Natural specific spices (kofta, sausages), etc

This table contains only a few examples of our flavours for more information please contact us